While a fixed ratio steering system will prove ideal for the majority of smaller vessels, with the recent trend to the super yachts that can also hand steered a fixed ratio is less ideal.


In the majority of cases what will be the correct number of turns for sailing in heavier conditions will result in a lack of feel when sailing in lighter air or an a number of turns of the wheel that makes manoeuvring difficult in while docking.


The solution is to have a two-speed gearbox fitted within the steering system, which allows the overall steering ratio to be changed from a,


o High speed with a lower number of turns suitable for light air, maneuvering and docking to a

o Lower speed with a twice the number of turns suitable for heavier conditions.


In addition, each gearbox is fitted with a neutral position and shaft brake that allows the wheel to stationary when sailing with autopilot.


Due to its small size the gearbox can be mounted in the pedestal and each shaft is adaptable to any wheel.

For each gearbox the ratios are calculated to match each boat specifications.


Easy to install, light and silent, the gearbox offers to superyacht helmsman the pleasure of a sensitive steering.





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