To ensure the steering system is correct, all parts of the steering from the wheel to the rudder need to be considered to ensure the overall ratio is right and the steering loads are not too high or the feel non existent.


All steering heads feature:


  • A full range of chain size and teeth numbers to ensure the optimum ratio.
  • CNC machined chain sprockets and matching chain,
  • Sealed stainless steel deep groove bearings to ensure low friction, smooth quiet running.


All aluminium parts are anodised in our in-house anodisation plant to ensure quality and prevent corrosive action.





JP3 Steering Heads are available as either a simple chain sprocket, with any chain size and number of teeth on the sprocket . The wheel connect can either a tapered shaft or a flange connection.


Custom wheel connections are also available to suit your wheel.







Steering shafts are available in any length to suit your pedestal and attachment details are matched to suit you wheel.


All steering head are can be supplied with optional shaft brakes and wheel disconnects.


Available with 5/8”, ¾” and 1” chain.

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