Wheels  ( aluminium-stainless steel or TITANIUM)


The steering wheel is where `form meets function’. On the modern race boat is function is paramount, and the wheels must be strong, tough and light. However with the increasing trend to high performance cruising boats and the new generation of super maxi race yachts, wheel design is also becoming a significant consideration.

Strength and Toughness

Racing through the worlds worst ocean at break neck speeds wheels have to be strong and tough. Strong so they can withstand the rigours of ocean racing. Tough so in the event of impact, they do not shatter but deform. For these reasons we make extensive use of lightweight high strength materials such as Titanium
To support this the majority of our metal wheels have been tested the ISO 8847, a requirement for vessels under 24 metres being built and certified to CE.


With long periods of time spent on helming comfort is also paramount to reduce helmsman fatigue. Details such as rim size and shape are looked a closely with designers to ensure the boats can be steered at peak performance for long periods.


More and more the wheel is seen as a key design element and one that reflects the owner and his personal style.


JP3 offers a complete range of wheels from the traditional wheel with straight single or double metal spoke wheels to the more avant-garde fully custom wheels composite spokes of any shape
Any combination of metal,  both as spokes or wheel rims is possible.


Wheel Library

You can  here download our library.

Would like a different wheel rim and spoke combination do not hesitate to contact us.

If a wheel you would like does not feature, we can design it for you.





JP3 Unveils Latest Genesis in State-of-the-art Wheel Design









Unlike aluminum, Titanium is not prone to electrolysis. These wheels weigh the same or less than production carbon wheels and are significantly more durable.


-Strength and weight


Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal -- stronger plus lighter equals faster.



Production times for Titanium wheels are significantly shorter than that of aluminum, allowing for competitive pricing when compared to carbon wheels.


-Look and feel

JP3’s latest range of Titanium wheels combines state-of-the-art design with functional aesthetics -- warm to the touch with a non-slip texture.



Diam / weight


900mm / 2.1k


1050mm /  2.2kg


1200mm /  2.4 kg


-Optional engraved boat name on the hub available

-Custom colorpainted finish available.


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