Irrespective of the size of your boat or the size of the rudder fitted to your boat your rudder stock will deflect as a result of the water pressure on the rudder blade and the loads acting on it.


With a simple plain rudder bearing this results in increased friction in the bearings.

At best these increased loads result in more loads on the helm detracting from the pleasure of steering a sailing a yacht by hand.

At worst these friction loads can get so high the steering can lock.


For this reason JP3 only manufactures rudder bearings that are SELF ALIGNING. The ability for our bearings to align with the rudderstock as it deflects reduces the friction in the system, which we believe is essential for GOOD SAFE STEERING.




As the size and style of both power and sailing yachts is wide and varied so are the size and types of rudders being installed in these vessels. JP3 aims to cater for all vessel types by offering a rudder bearing to suit every application.


We currently offer  different types of bearings.


Each of these bearings types is available in a range of mounting styles to suit every application.


If we do not have a bearing for your application, contact us, we will design one for you.

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