CUSTOM Nautical

The 'CUSTOM Department' of JP3 - nautical section – has the capability to design and manufacture mechanical systems and boat fittings specific for each boat, investigating the best possible use of the materials, through a constant research, optimization and reliability.


A wide range of innovative technology and materials is proposed : titanium, stainless steels, aluminium, alloys resins , plastics, carbone, composite materials etc.


The different phases of calculation will determine the optimum material, with regard to its resistance, bending, dimensional stability are included in the process of conception.


Highly qualified professionals manufacrure these pieces in our premises.


Few examples of custom parts :



  • Carbone   casing


Custom carbone sheels for WATT & SEA hydrogenerators.


Co-designed mould.


Mould allowing dedicated spaces for electronic and insulation components.

  • Composite track base ( CNB 76')
  • Titanium Universal joint
  • Aluminium structure for twin rudder installation welded into the hull.                                                                                  ( width : 2.20M- Heigth : 0.80M)
  • Naval Architect : David Henry (Fr)
  • Boat : Tenareze II 82'
  • Boatyard : Camper & Nicholsons
  • lifting keel system for Lady Jana


  • Titanium hinge for Magic Cat ( Multiplast)


  • Aluminium mast base ( diam 60mm)


  • aluminium  end fittings for the lightest  TENDERLIFT cylinder


Manufacture  of  end fittings  for the lightest cylinder of the world . ( 5M  stroke, 12-ton tensile strength for less than 50kg ; 4 to 10 times lightest as standard cylinders;  80% textile, 20 % light alloy).




  • Custom parts for retractable mast of WATERWORLD ( Kevin Costner)


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