Feel and Accuracy!


Hand steering a yacht irrespective of size or speed is one of life’s pleasures, and one of the keys to this can be summed up in one word `feel’. The helmsman needs to be able to feel the boat and the rudder.

Secondly and as important is accuracy. The helmsman has to have the ability to steer the boat knowing where he steers the boat the steering system will respond accurately and without delay.


To achieve these goals, at JP3 we believe the key to this is a totally integrated steering system. From the rim of the wheel to the tip of the rudder JP3can offer you the complete system specifically designed to suit your vessel.


As sailing yacht projects have become more and more ambitious and of higher performance the loads on the steering system have naturally increased. This has resulted in greater loads and less feel in the steering system both for hand steering, detracting from the pleasure of steering a sailing yacht by hand. To meet these challenges JP3 has developed two new products featured below.


All our steering systems are manufactured in our workshops, each of these units is made to architects specifications ensure both the steering system are the optimum to ensure perfect steering.


Proven Steering Systems


JP3 steering systems are race proven!

With a wealth of honors of over the last few years that speak louder than most in the world of competitive ocean sailing JP3 has been used on some of the worlds top race boats and world record holders and our system are becoming the systems of choice.


Our products already renowned for their reliability have helped to set a new standard in the sailing world.


Complimentary Parts


Select from one or all of the complimentary parts below to create your steering system. JP3 has a comprehensive range of steering components to ensure you have a system the works. If for some reason there is not a part available we will design one for your project.

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