The quadrant size should be matched with the steering ratio and gearbox so you have the correct overall steering ratio. For this reason all JP3 quadrants are made to order to a proven design with no compromise to the steering system.


Complementary parts :

  • simple fixed autopilot tillers
  • autopilot disengagement unit.

2 models

Crossbow  Quadrants

JP3 has created a new generation of lightweight anodised aluminium quadrant for racing boats from 35 to 115 ft.
CNC machined from plate the quadrant is optimized to reduce the weight.


Recently installed on IRC40, the Crossbow Quadrant of 260 mm radius for 160°, weights only 2.9 kg for a safe working load of 500 kg on the steering line.

Lenticular  Quadrants

Fabricated from aluminum Lenticular Quadrants feature a split central hub CNC machined to match the rudder stock. The hub can be drilled and tapped to take a fixed tiller or autopilot disconnecting tiller.

A skeletal structure and track for the cables is then attached to this hub. Finally the quadrant skins are attached with glue and rivets.

Lenticular quadrants are available from a 200mm to 1000 mm radius and from an angle of 90 º to 360º

Lenticular Quadrant can used on yacht from 40 to 150 feet.

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