ALUMINIUM  /ertalyte   or       CARBON / ertalyte          or       CARBON/ carbon


All specially designed for 2 way configurations,

JP3  steering blocks finally offer NO PLAY systems.

                                                                                          ALUMINIUM STEERING BLOCKS


JP3 steering blocks are designed to compliment the other steering components to provide a complete system.


All blocks feature :


• Ertalyte sheaves that provide a wear resistant surface that is suitable for either wire or vectran. 

• Sealed stainless steel deep groove bearings to ensure low friction, smooth quiet running.

• Blocks are available in 4 sizes.

• Blocks are available in 3 housing styles to suit all installation details. 

• Aluminium bodies are anodised in our in-house anodisation plant to ensure quality and prevent corrosive action.





JP3  blocks are available with 5  styles:

 Simple Blocks.



The simple blocks are a fixed block and feature sheaves supported between 2 aluminium angle side plates that are bolted to a flat surface and the cables exit a 90º to that surface.




Available as both a single 'SB' and double blocks. 'DB'.


Sizes, Ø100, Ø120, Ø150 & Ø180mm


SFB & DFB – 

The foot blocks are used where steering cables are running parallel to a flat surface and need to change direction. The foot blocks are designed to fasten straight to the flat surface through the stainless steel base.

Available as both a single and double block.

Sizes, Ø100, Ø120, Ø150 & Ø180mm

Articulating blocks

Type AFB 


The articulating block is used where the steering cables will be at an angle to the block mounting surfaces.






Available as only a single block


Sizes, Ø100, Ø120, Ø150 & Ø180mm



JP3 creates a new range of carbon blocks specially designed  for steering systems fitted in racing carbon hulls. Blocks are clean and bonding the cheeks is very simple,  laminating over the end and  wedges , it makes the system  very STRONG but still LIGHTWEIGHT.


  •     sheaves and cheeks: carbon*
  •     sheaves ertalyte*
  •     shaft: titanium
  •     bearings stainless steel 

    *can be sold separately  



JP3 block bearing allows loads, equally in and out.

(This is too often not the case with on deck sheaves originally made for runners or halyards , efficient one way, but creating friction when reversing.)


 #Carbon block 




Sheave size

 100mm (carbon) 

 150mm (carbon) 

 100mm (ertalyte) 

 Max load

 3400 Kg

 5300 Kg

 3400 Kg





Carbon blocks are part of the HELIUM range, made of :


  •     Titanium wheel 3 spokes
  •     carbon pedestal
  •     sprocket or drum steering heads
  •     vectran lines
  •     Helium cars and tracks, see photos.
  •     extra light aluminium tillers

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