This section has been developed with the Custom Department of JP3, utilizing skills and innovations created over many years within the Racing Boat field. We show you below a few examples of our involvment in the LEISURE, RACING CARFILMING INDUSTRY or HIGH LUXURY industries.


Made of aluminium , titanium, stainless steel or composite these few examples illustrate the wide range of skills mastered by our multidisciplinary team.


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Design and manufacture of the 'Grasshopper', radio controlled travelling crain uses in the television and Film Industry.



Optimisation of guy delage ULM design of the engine frame in special steel 15CDV6, fixation of the suspension wing frame ( regulation of the back frame).




Manufacture of stainless steel frames for very famous High Luxury travelling cranes.

  • Signal pannels for Winter Ski Resorts ' Les Arcs' and 'Courchevel'
  • Complete 'START' and FINNISH line structure in aluminium for the most prestigious Cycle Race held in France.
  • Pivoting mast and frame for signalisation pannels


Manufacture of aluminium and composite parts for small hydrokinetic turbines for ECOCINETIC.

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