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General features

The mast bearings are large Type 4 bearings with Ertalyte rollers. They are intended for rotating masts.

  • These are self-aligning bearings installed on the deck and we can supply them with seals on request,
  • The low bearings are placed on the bottom of the hulls without the need for sealing. They can be replaced by a ball washer.


  • The vessel doesn’t need to be dismasted for bearing maintenance,
  • These self-lubricated bearings need little maintenance.

The mast bearings we made:

  • 48.20.28 Ø280 mm,
  • 48.20.29 Ø290 mm,
  • 46.25.58 Ø580 mm,
  • 48.24.64 Ø640 mm,
  • 48.26.64 Ø640 mm,
  • 48.22.115 Ø1150 mm,
  • 48.22.134 Ø1340 mm.