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Our rudders

JP3 produce 2,000 rudders per year


The rudders are manufactured in female molds for mass boats.

It is possible to make a standard mold and produce different versions of rudders by inserting shims into the mold to adjust the length of the rudder blade.


They are made of glass/polyester isophthalic with a white gel coat finish. It is possible to manufacture them on request in glass/epoxy with an epoxy primer finish or in glass vinylester with a gel coat finish.

The core of the rudders is made of closed-cell epoxy expanded foam.


All our rudders are built based on the 3D model designed by the architect or shipyard, which  guarantees optimal navigation performance. Moreover, we carry out the calculations of the rudder stock dimensions and scantling according to the ISO rules.


We optimize the rudder stock lenghts and weights by using sizing based on ISO rules. It allows interesting price drops for the mass production boat builders as wells as for racing boats.

Contact us for the sizing of your rudder stocks and bearings assembly