Type 2  as upper  rudder bearing

 The bearing features a spherical Ertalyte® knuckle located between two rows of mini rollers fitted to an inner sleeve. This inner assembly is fitted within a precision-machined aluminium housing.

  • Typically the Type 2 bearing is used as a top bearing in conjunction with either a Type 3  or Type 5 lower bearing.
  • The Type 2 bearing can only be used with metallic rudderstocks.
  • The spherical knuckle allows the bearing to self-align while the rudderstock rotates within the bearing.
  • The rudderstock is located into bearing by a threaded inner sleeve.                    This offers complete support of the rudder and allows adjustment rudder height.
  • As the rudderstock and bearing are assembled together it is highly recommended that JP3 manufacture the rudderstocks to ensure the correct fit.
  • Bearings are available in any size for 30mm to 110mm in 10mm increments. Inner sleeves are made can be bored any size to suit the rudderstock.
  • Bearings are available in 3  housing styles to suit all installation details.


  • Aluminium bodies are anodised in our in-house anodisation plant to ensure quality and prevent corrosive action.

Type 3  as  lower rudder bearing

The type 3 bearing is mostly used as lower bearing for powerboats  fitted with stainless steel or titanium rudder shafts.

The bearing incorporates needle rollers and needles.

Bearings can be made to suit any stock size.




 Typical installation type on power boat 


Type 2 as upper bearing

Type 3 as lower bearing


Cartridge between

references : OCEA Yachts -Commuters and Classic Yachts

COUACH Yachts : Fly 26M- Fly 5000.

Type 5  as upper bearing or lower rudder bearing


Designed specifically for MOTOR YACHTS with metallic rudderstock the Type 5 bearing is an all steel heavy-duty spherical roller bearing.

The spherical roller bearing is housed in an oil filled aluminum alloy housing and is protected a triple quad ring seals in which seal carrier allow up to 1.5 deg of stock deflection.


Type 5 bearings are able to withstand incredible radial loads. 


  • Type 5 bearings can be used as both upper and lower bearings. 

  • The barrel shaped rollers and spherical outer housing allows the bearing to self-align 1.5 deg while the rudderstock rotates within the bearing. 

  • Outer housings are machined from solid marine grade aluminium and are anodised in our in-house anodisation plant to ensure quality and prevent corrosive action. 

  • Bearing casing is oil filled to prevent condensation with in the bearing. 

  • Three quad ring seals located in a seal carrier seal to ensure the bearing is watertight and allow for stock deflection. 

  • Bearings are available in any size from 70mm upwards. 

  • Type 5 bearings have been classification society approved in the past and can be for your project on request.


Type 5 Bearing Designation



All JP3 bearings designations follow a common format:
The first two numbers refer to the bearing type and model, in this case Type 5
The second numbers to the number of rows of rollers and mounting style.
The last two numbers designate the stock diameter in centimeters. I.e. 40.XX.09 will be a 90mm.



Housing Styles


Type 5 bearings can be installed into either composite or metal hulls and in one of two housing styles, JP3 furniture. 

We can also offer you to machine the cartridge, ensuring an easy installation

see picture above.




Bearing Sizes and Load Ratings



Maximum Stock Diameter

Radial SWL**








* The `XX” designation refers to the housing style. Each size is available in the 3 housing sizes.

** Bearing loads vary with stock size. The figures given are for minimum and maximum stock sizes.

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