Type 3 self aligning rudder bearings


The type 3 bearing is mostly used as lower bearing for powerboats fitted with STAINLESS STEEL orTITANIUM rudder shafts.


The bearing  incorporates  stainless steel needle rollers within an Ertalyte® knuckle.





 Typical installation type on power boat 


Type 2 as upper bearing

Type 3 as lower bearing


Cartridge between






OCEA Yachts

Commuters and Classic Yachts


COUACH Yachts 

Fly 26M- Fly 5000.

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The Type 3 bearing is designed for specifically for use with metal rudderstocks where high loads are expected and low friction is required.


The bearing features steel needle rollers running an hardened outer race, which is in turn fitted inside a spherical Ertalyte® knuckle


This inner assembly is fitted within a precision-machined aluminium housing. Seal housings are fitted above and below the housings to make the assembly watertight.

  • Typically the Type 3 bearing is typically used as a lower bearing in conjunction with Type 2 bearing as the upper bearing ( see illustration above)

  • The Type 3 bearing can only be used with metallic rudderstocks as the stock runs directly in the needle race.

  •  The spherical knuckle allows the bearing to self-align while the rudderstock rotates within the bearing.

  • Two lip seals and two Quad ring seals are fitted to ensure the bearing is watertight.

  • Bearings are available in different housing styles to suit all installation ( see 'Housing styles' below)

  • Bearings are available in any size from 80mm upwards. Depending on stock size and loads required ( see 'Load Ratings' below,

  • All aluminium parts are anodised in our in-house anodisation plant to ensure quality and prevent corrosive action.

  • Type 3 bearings have been classification society approved in the past and can be approved for your project on request.


Type 3 Bearing Designation


All JP3 bearings designations follow a common format:

The first two numbers refer to the bearing type, in this case type 3

The second numbers to the housing and mounting style

The last two numbers designate the stock diameter in centimeters.

I.e. .30.XX.09 will be a 90mm.



Housing Styles


Type 3 bearings can be installed into either composite or metal hulls and available in any one of 3 housing styles 02, 03 or 04.


Type 30.02.xx


For composite hulls the outer surface of the bearing is tapered and is supplied with a matching tapered composite housing.

The housing is laminated into the hull. The bearing is held into the boat by fasteners form the top of bearing through the composite housing.


This allows for easy removal of the complete bearing for maintenance.

Type 30.03.xx


Like the 20.XX.12 bearing, the inner adjustment sleeve face down.


This bearing is also supplied with a flush watertight cap to ensure a clean appearance on deck.

Type 30.04.xx


This bearing is designed for laminating directly into the hull the bearing is cylindrical and outer surface is machined with grooves to ensure a good bond with the bearing ,


The bearing is fully serviceable, however the outer housing must stay in the boat



 Load ratings – bearing sizes




Stock Diameter

Radial SWL

Housing #






























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